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Part II: Determining Business Value to Establish the Best Path for Your Exit Planning Strategy

You’ve likely heard a story about a local small business that was run by an individual for 30 plus years only to shut down when they were ready to retire. Without a plan, and likely no idea of the business value, the exit plan is often to liquidate the assets and shut down the business. Determining business value is an essential step in identifying the best path for your exit planning strategy. In Part I: It Took a Lifetime to … Read More

Part I: It Took A Lifetime to Build Your Business – But This One Mistake Can Erase It All

This country has the family run business to thank for representing over 90% of all American businesses. Few would dispute, these businesses are the backbone of our US economy contributing over 50% of the GDP. 30% of family run businesses are passed on to the 2nd generation*, and 12% are passed to the 3rd generation. Both are significant milestones to be applauded, but it’s the other side of the story that deserves a secondlook – 70% do not remain in … Read More

8 Steps to Start-Up Success for Entrepreneurs

Only one in three start-up businesses survive ten years or longer. As an entrepreneur, this rate may seem intimidating. However, you can increase your odds for success by avoiding the mistakes of those who walked the path before you. After reviewing the mistakes of failed businesses, I’ve created this list of eight steps to help you go from a new start-up to a thriving and successful organization. Entrepreneurs – Take These 8 Steps for Start-up Success The steps I’ve outlined below … Read More