Jack Belford

Jack Belford believes that when leaders, business owners, salespeople are at their best, their business and quality of life is at its best. As an entrepreneur and small business owner combined with more than two decades of senior-level leadership at $100M+ companies, Jack Belford offers expertise in developing top performing business leaders. Jack brings a wealth of sales, service, strategic planning, operations, team building and leadership experience to his role as business coach.

Through his leadership and coaching, Jack has helped companies define and amplify brand recognition while growing their revenue and profits through effective sales teams and savvy managers that produce bottom-line results.

Utilizing proven strategies, tactics and methodologies developed by Brian Tracy and John C. Maxwell, Jack leverages a unique mix of visionary, strategic, creative, technical, sales, excellence and analytical expertise to help business owners and sales teams to exceed sales and performance goals consistently. Through Jack’s coaching, he has successfully helped business owners and executives to align staff talents and efforts with organizational objectives.

Are you looking to take your business to the next level and reduce your stress in the process? Using actionable techniques and proven strategies, Jack helps guide clients to become more profitable, lower operational costs, increase sales, improve employee engagement and retention, and hire the right people.

In addition to his studies and certification with FocalPoint Business Coaching, Jack is a certified leadership trainer, coach and active member of the John Maxwell Team. He has also successfully completed several accredited courses from Learning International.  Winning Accounts Strategy, Professional Sales Coaching Skills, Professional Listening Skills and Professional Selling Skills.  

To date, Jack has trained hundreds of professionals, many of whom have blossomed into the top 10%—driving them to new levels of success by creating genuine connections and relationships built on trust and confidence.

Email: jbelford@focalpointcoaching.com

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