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8-Sessions | 3 Months

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Libertyville – Deer Park – Carpentersville, IL

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Become a Better Entrepreneur, Grow Your Business, Earn More, Work Smarter

Classes meet 3x per month in groups (90 min sessions) Flexible dates & times, Starting in February 2019

Course Topics and Descriptions

Behaviors: Styles – Self – Others

Are you selling the same way to everyone?. Did you know you could be missing as much as 75% of your sales by doing this? You will learn how to communicate to the types of customers you are currently missing the mark with and gain immediate insight into your most difficult customers.

Mindset: Cycles – Roles – Goals

Where am I and where is my business on the Sigmoid Curve? In this session you will devise goals and understand key roles to play to ensure the ongoing health of your business. Learn to distinguish between a dream, wish and a true goal. Take-away tools and new habits that can jump-start your drive toward achieving your goals.

Strategic Plan: Strategy – Tactics – Plans

Are you NOT doing the most valuable things because you are trying to do too many things? You haven’t stepped up above the business and looked at things from a higher level ABOVE the fog. You just need a simpler plan to get you to the goal. It is about doing less, not more. Learn how to create that simpler plans that will play to your strengths and lead to greater growth.

Metrics: Formulas – Financials – Dashboard

If you were laying on a beach in Hawaii, what handful of numbers would you need to know in order to know the health of your business? Regular monitoring of key performance measures in your business is core to growing your revenues and increasing your profitability. Don’t fly blind, learn basic metrics in your business, define your Key Results Indicators and create your Key Performance Indicators.

Customers: Scope – Ideals – Cares

Who are your customers? Your ability to identify and satisfy your key customers is a critical determinant of your success. Use tools to help you sort your high-value customers and low-value customers. Learn about key questions to ask resulting in Identifying changes you can make in order to increase your competitive advantage and grow your business.

Marketing: Messaging – Positioning – Branding

FACT: Potential customers don’t even know YOU exist…can’t find YOU…you’re not on THEIR map. Without a prospect, there can be no sale. The Golden Rule of selling is to spend more time with better prospects. It starts with a targeted marketing plan. Learn about the tools to help you zero in on WHY your prospects are drawn to your product or service.

Sales: Qualify – Present – Convert

Now that you have invested time, money and energy in creating a marketing plan based on your powerful company and personal brand, it is now time to reap the rewards. This will happen only when a sale takes place, Learn about key questions that will give you a distinct advantage over competitors resulting in more closed sales and more satisfied customers.

Constraints: Concept – Current – Construct

As a business grows, invariably, one of the steps become the constraint or chokepoint that determines the speed at which the entire process is restricted to. In this session you will learn the source of the constraints that are holding you back and develop plans to overcome them, increase your productivity and profitability of your business.


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Carpentersville, IL, Libertyville, IL, Deer Park, IL