Sales Coaching: 5 Ways to Outperform Your Competitors

How much of your sales team achieved their quotas last year? According to research from CSO Insights, only 53% of salespeople met their sales quotas in 2018.
Sales is the lifeblood of any company. Without it, a business won’t last for long. Follow my sales coaching tips and share them with your reps to get back on track and out of a slump.


Outperform Your Competitors with My Sales Coaching Advice

Everyone goes through selling slumps from time to time. Instead of beating yourself up over it, follow some of the sales coaching advice below, and you’ll be rocketing past the competition and your sales goals in no time
  1. Evaluate your sales process – If you’re not closing the number of deals that you want, you’re obviously in need of some changes. Look to real data to see what’s working and where you need to make adjustments. Are you spending too much time talking about your company and not doing enough listening? Are you pitching too soon? These are all questions you need to ask continuously for sales effectiveness.
  2. Attend training or a conference – Mingling with people in your field and hearing from experts is stimulating for your sales career. Even if you’ve been selling for decades, a refresher on the basics can fuel your selling mojo.
  3. Study the competition – Get a better understanding of how your product or service compares to similar products in your market. Research shows that discussing competitors early in the sales cycle correlates with a higher win rate. Which companies are stealing the deal from you and why? What makes your product or service superior? These insights can add to discussions with your prospects about competitors.
  4. Provide value to the prospect – Buyers want to work with people they know, like, and trust. Help them to do all three by sharing content that proves your expertise and addresses their pain points. Email specific prospects based on their stage in the buyer’s journey, and share articles you’ve written on social media to attract new customers.
  5. Take a break – If you’re having a bad day of calls, take a walk. If it’s more like a bad month or a bad quarter, maybe it’s time for a few days off so you can come back refreshed and reinvigorated. Everyone needs a vacation from time to time.
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