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Where Does Customer Retention Begin?

  The top reason customers leave a company is that they don’t think the business cares about them. Customer retention efforts must be embedded into the sales process from the very first interaction and throughout the entire lifecycle of a customer. That’s right. The responsibility doesn’t fall wholly on to the customer service or account management teams. Sales and delivery teams have to contribute, as well.   How Can Salespeople Help with Customer Retention in the Early Stages of a … Read More

Part I: It Took A Lifetime to Build Your Business – But This One Mistake Can Erase It All

This country has the family run business to thank for representing over 90% of all American businesses. Few would dispute, these businesses are the backbone of our US economy contributing over 50% of the GDP. 30% of family run businesses are passed on to the 2nd generation*, and 12% are passed to the 3rd generation. Both are significant milestones to be applauded, but it’s the other side of the story that deserves a secondlook – 70% do not remain in … Read More

Sales Coaching: 5 Ways to Outperform Your Competitors

How much of your sales team achieved their quotas last year? According to research from CSO Insights, only 53% of salespeople met their sales quotas in 2018. Sales is the lifeblood of any company. Without it, a business won’t last for long. Follow my sales coaching tips and share them with your reps to get back on track and out of a slump.   Outperform Your Competitors with My Sales Coaching Advice Everyone goes through selling slumps from time to … Read More

For Sales “Time” Has a Different Meaning. Do you have your emergency tool box ready?

And just like that, we are entering the month of June! For anyone in sales, June is an important month.  Not only does it begin a new season of the year, but has significance to closing out the first six months of the year.  This is a great time to regroup, recalibrate and create new plans for the second half of the year.  Maybe your sales team has veered slightly off track since the beginning of the year.  It is … Read More

When Best Intentions Back Fire

In a management role, we’ve all been there – a decision made, or something said with the “best intentions”.  The results – frequently it’s the exact opposite of the original intention.  That’s the moment your brain needs to recalibrate – “Wait, that’s not what I meant” or the classic fallback “That’s not what I intended”.  It’s a difficult hole to dig ourselves out of, but with forgiving friends and family we usually find a way to keep our relationships intact. … Read More