Where Does Customer Retention Begin?


The top reason customers leave a company is that they don’t think the business cares about them.

Customer retention efforts must be embedded into the sales process from the very first interaction and throughout the entire lifecycle of a customer. That’s right. The responsibility doesn’t fall wholly on to the customer service or account management teams. Sales and delivery teams have to contribute, as well.


How Can Salespeople Help with Customer Retention in the Early Stages of a Sale?

When customers conduct business with a company long term, they tend to buy more and send referrals due to their satisfaction. This fact should be a strong motivator for salespeople to get involved in retention efforts from the start.

Here are four ways sales reps can participate in client retention during the early stages of the buying process:

  1. Share testimonials and case studies during the sales process to establish if the prospect is a good fit for the brand’s products or services and style of doing business. It’s better to discover any incompatibilities early than to get a customer contracted into an agreement where they’re not happy.
  2. Build trust by setting expectations about deadlines, levels of communication, etc. Let the customer know what they can expect during a partnership with the brand. Will the salesperson be involved in after-sales support? If not, you may want to inform the buyer who their new contact(s) will be, and even introduce them.
  3. Focus on the customer experience – before they’re a customer. Similar to how an artist has a recognizable style, your brand has a message and method of doing business. Let it shine across all members of your sales team by creating meeting agendas and processes that enhance the customer experience with efficiencies and a sense of satisfaction.
  4. Emphasize results and the value your business can provide. Customer dissatisfaction is the second most prevalent reason why consumers find new providers. During the discovery stage, identify metrics that will prove the value of your product or service and mention similar successes from other customers.

Customer Retention is Part of Sales, Not Just Customer Service

Deepening relationships with your customers and showing them that they’re more than just a number can significantly impact growth at your organization. Every interaction with your company, from the first view of your website, must support client retention.

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